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Download The Survival Medicine Handbook A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way

The 2nd redaction Survival Medicine Handbook(tm) is a guide for those who defect to be medically ripe for any visitation where help is NOT on the distance. This treatise is written by Joe Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., the first Medical Preparedness Professionals from the top ten survival website

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Within the last 30 years, after operation in the soundness field as a physical business and possess a copy of the first impress of this very helpful conductor, this book is outstanding in every air as a valuable reference to casualty situations, where no other succor is available. Although I have collected hundreds of books that cover this topic, I felt this one is extremely useful for my daughter to have in her home. This handbook outlines several conditions for one to identify with as it offers step-by-step instructions, with solutions for unexpected health problems. This informative guide also prepares for any disaster, where help is not on the way. It is specifically designed for the non-medical professional to help deal and cope with unexpected issues during emergencies. Some of the topics covered are fractures, nosebleed, chest pain, and much more. Dr. Joseph Alton highlights several medical conditions, covering over 100 medical issues. In title, he provides teaching on how to control dissimilar situations, what to look for, and how to treat. This is a worthy, constituting relation treatise for every dwelling. Highly commend!

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