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References From Seven Myths About Education By Daisy Christodoulou

Seven Myths About Education By  Daisy Christodoulou book takes on seven of the most typical myths or fads in training today. While the writer is British and focuses on their educational system, the myths apply every bit as a lot to the United States. Each chapter focuses on one myth, and discusses the origins of the concepts behind the myth, evidence that the parable is in truth prevalent and inspired in training immediately, and why the myth is wrong based on the newest science.

In every accessible and interesting chapter, Christodoulou sets out the theory of every delusion, considers its sensible implications and exhibits the worrying prevalence of such practice. Then, she explains exactly why it is a myth, as regards to the principles of modern cognitive science.  She builds a powerful case explaining how governments and educational organisations world wide have let down academics and pupils by selling and even mandating proof-much less principle and dangerous practice.

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