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Nonya Cuisine The New Mrs. Lee’s Cookbook

The New Mrs. Lee’s Cookbook  was written by the late Mrs Lee Ching Koon, who was the mother of Lee Kwan Yew, the primary Prime Minister of Singapore, and up to date by her granddaughter Shermy Lee. The dishes are detailed, and following trends set by Western foodies, antedote information is added to every recipe beforehand, and images are approaching the Western standards in books like Neil Perry in quality. The meals remains devoted to Perenaken tastes which is a big plus.
The New Mrs. Lee’s Cookbook By Nonya Cuisine are wonderful for anyone who desires to take pleasure in genuine Nonya Cuisine. My favorite dishes are “Chicken wrapped in Paper” and “Curry Devil.” These dishes are delectable and the instructions are easy to follow.  Nonya Cuisine The New Mrs. Lee’s Cookbook is a fantastically offered guide with some glorious recipes from the kitchen of Mrs Lee.

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